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We are located on over 350 sites in the UK and Ireland and find work for over 50,000 people every day.

Staffline OnSite Manufacturing and Automotive supports some of the largest, well-known companies in the UK including Jaguar Landrover, Lear and Pirelli.

What we do - recruitment expertise with a business focus

Our experience and expertise within the manufacturing and automotive sector means we are able to offer advice in critical business areas. We are able to create productivity and pricing models which meet the client’s objectives and ensure optimum efficiency in terms of performance and cost.

Our focus is fulfilling staffing requirements and ensuring high rates of retention. Each is as important as the other. We offer key performance analysis with the goal to work with you to build continuous improvement plans into the business.

"Thanks to the team at Staffline, I know I'm guaranteed to have enough workers to meet our peak season demands".

James Diamond, Manufacturing Operations Manager Hotel Chocolat

Bespoke service with
national support

We have scale and experience in manufacturing which means we are able to fulfill large scale resourcing and recruitment plans within short time-frames.

We have access to a vast candidate pool of over 500,000 people. We have a National Resource Centre (NRC) focused on resourcing large volumes of people every week. We resource from the UK and overseas. The NRC takes responsibility for placing adverts, response-handling and initial vetting. This means all applicants are pre-screened before being asked to interview at the client’s site, allowing the OnSite teams to concentrate 100% on the day-to-day operational requirements.

We are able to build the client’s talent pool and, at the same time, offer flexible work for candidates. It’s a win-win situation

"Staffline offers me flexibility, so I can work and study for my PHD. They help me balance my work and my studies successfully."

Chico Da Silva, Staffline Employee at Hotel Chocolat

Training expertise

We are able to offer a variety of training for manufacturing clients. We deliver induction, manual handling, health and safety and job-specific training. We work with our clients to understand and match the training needs.

Our PeoplePlus Division, our training and skills business, also offers bespoke training programmes and apprenticeships. Training can be conducted either OnSite or at one of our purpose built training centres throughout the UK. We also have pop-up training centres.

Championing compliance

We take compliance with legislation and industry standards extremely seriously. Offering a total commitment to our clients to ensure that all of our workers are recruited and supplied to the standards required by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA).

We have an outstanding compliance record and reputation with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). We uphold the highest standards and have a dedicated, central compliance team who work 24/7 to check worker eligibility and who monitor each aspect of the regulations.

We also work hand in hand with the GLAA to raise awareness of the risks to businesses regarding labour exploitation and modern-day slavery. Our Director of Compliance and Ethical Standards is a regular key speaker at industry events, educating businesses on the risks of modern-day slavery and offering best practice advice.

Every team member is trained to identify signs of human trafficking and modern slavery and work with the authorities to protect individuals and keep them safe.

We are proud to have Board representation on all the relevant industry governing bodies.

"The pay is good and Staffline can always guarantee me work & the hours I need. They always give me a rota so I can plan my life."

Dylan Hughes, Staffline employee at Hotel Chocolat’


  • We create a flexible, large scale workforce with the ability to recruit and transfer workers to meet and supplement demand
  • We provide a dedicated OnSite team available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • We offer a tailored local service supported by our national network
  • We offer bespoke productivity and pricing models to ensure optimal performance
  • We offer complete protection on compliance and ethical standards
  • We offer specialist software for inductions and testing
  • We offer a dedicated point of contact for all your needs
  • We have a local reputation to ensure we attract the best candidates
  • We offer DBS checks and Drug and Alcohol testing
  • We implement KPI's and regular review meetings to monitor performance


  • We have many varied job opportunities across a range of industries due to our size and scale
  • We can help you move from a temporary to permanent job in the same company
  • We have lots of temporary and permanent vacancies across the UK
  • We have many bi-lingual team members in the branches
  • We offer competitive pay rates
  • We have an easy online application process
  • We can offer continuity of work as we have the ability to find you a new contract before the previous one ends
  • We work with companies with reputable brands
  • We can offer training such as induction, manual handling and health and safety and picking equipment. Over 1000 people have attained their fork lift licences through our training academies
  • We offer apprenticeships
  • We offer you daily support with the OnSite team members

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