Registration Process

How to Apply

We offer our candidates a straightforward, simple registration process and will talk you through the paperwork required and proof of ID documentation to be provided. Our first objective is to get you into a job as quickly as possible.

Below is an overview of what will take place and some tips and advice on how to prepare.

  • 01Register online

    Create an account online here. You will then receive a confirmation email allowing you to set your account password. Then you can start applying for jobs right away.

  • 02Phone call with the Resourcing Centre

    The first stage of the process is talking to our Resourcing Centre on 0115 9500 885. They will work with you to find the following information:

    • Which area(s) of the UK you want to work in
    • Which are your preferred types of work
    • What is your work history? Remember to include any gaps in employment, and be prepared to explain them
    • Have your address, telephone number, National Insurance number and proof of Eligibility to Work available

    After speaking to the Resourcing Centre, if you are attending an interview we will let you know the date, time, location and who you are meeting.

  • 03Interview with the employer

    Here are our hints and tips for the interview:

    • Arrive at the interview about 10-15 minutes before the agreed time - why not do a dress rehearsal the day before so you know how long it will take to get there?
    • Be prepared, have a record of your work history to hand, including dates and any break in employment
    • Allow an hour for the registration process and interview
    • Bring your proof of eligibility to work, address, telephone number, National Insurance number and bank details with you
    • Dress smartly and ensure you're well groomed - you want to give the interviewer the best impression
    • Don't forget to smile! You'll come across as friendly, approachable and enthusiastic
    • Listen carefully to questions and allow the interviewer to finish speaking before responding
    • Don't worry about pausing before you answer a question as this shows you are considering your response
    • Where possible, give practical evidence to support your answers
    • Never criticise former employers or work colleagues
    • Maintain eye contact, relax and show interest in what the interviewer says
  • 04Be prepared with research

    Be prepared for questions such as:

    • What do you know about our company?
    • What interests you most about the role?
    • Why should we appoint you?
    • What is important to you in a role?
    • What was your greatest success in your last position?
    • How would your manager or colleagues describe you?
  • 05Ask any questions

    You will usually have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview - think about what is important to you.

    • What ambitions do you have for the Company?
    • What are the company’s values and culture?
    • Will there be any training with the role? If so, what will it be?
    • How many job seekers are you interviewing for this role?
    • When do you think you'll make a decision?
  • 06Finishing the interview

    • Make sure you have confirmed your interest in the job
    • End the interview with a handshake, remembering to thank the interviewer for their time and that you look forward to hearing from them soon

Proof of ID

Staffline is responsible for ensuring that you are eligible to work in the UK regardless of your nationality. Our recruitment consultants will need to see either your original documents or Share Code, in line with the below. Where applicable we carry out checks with the Home Office to confirm eligibility. If you have doubts about the necessary documentation, please ask our recruitment consultant when arranging your interview appointment.

  • 01British or Irish Citizen

    Types of ID acceptable for British or Irish Citizens are as follows:

    A British or Irish passport (valid or expired) showing that the holder is a British or Irish Citizen. If the passport is out of date, then further photographic identification may be required such as a driving licence.


    • A full Birth Certificate issued in the UK or Ireland which includes the name(s) of at least one of the holder's parents
    • A full Adoption Certificate issued in the UK or Ireland which includes the name(s) of at least one of the holder's adoptive parents
    • A Certificate of Registration or Naturalisation as a British or Irish Citizen


    National Insurance (NI) proof. This must be one of the following:

    • A P45 or P60 issued by a previous employer with full name and NI number
    • An NI card (both sides will be scanned)
    • A wage slip from a previous employer
    • A letter issued by a government agency with full name and NI number
  • 02Non-British Citizen

    Types of acceptable documents for Non-British Citizens are as follows:

    For those with a Biometric residence permit or Card, Frontier Worker Permit, or Settled/Pre-settled Status (EUSS):

    * If you are an Overseas Student then you must also provide a signed/stamped letter from your University confirming your enrolment, course dates and vacation dates


    Indefinite Leave (one of the following):

    • A current passport showing that the holder is a Non-British Citizen which includes a UK Immigration Visa stating INDEFINITE LEAVE
    • A current Immigration Status Document stating INDEFINITE LEAVE and proof of NI


    Limited Leave:

    • A current passport endorsed to show that you are currently allowed to stay in the UK and permitted to do the type of work you are applying for

    * If you have a Student Visa then you must also provide a signed/stamped letter from your University confirming your enrollment, course dates and vacation dates


The above information is for guidance only. Additional information may be required, please contact your Staffline representative if you have any questions.