Vision & Values

Staffline has a clear vision and set of values that drive everything we do.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that doing business with us is simple and enjoyable, whether you're a jobseeker or employer.

Our Vision

To build and develop the most reliable integrated workforce in the country and be the leading creator of opportunities, jobs & new ideas in the employability, skills and justice sectors.

Our Values

  • Teamwork

    Working together across the business to achieve more for our customers.

  • Respect

    Taking time to understand, trust and support each other to achieve shared success.

  • Commitment

    Demonstrating a relentless and driven ambition to exceed expectations.

  • Reliability

    Fulfilling all our customer requirements, getting the job done.

  • Creativity

    Solving problems and suggesting new ideas and insights.

  • Integrity

    Doing thing the right way, for the right reason, ethically, honestly, every time.

Our principles

To achieve our vision, deliver our strategy and live our values, we follow a set of guiding principles in all that we do:

Our Team

  • To provide a great place to work
  • To create lots of opportunities to develop and progress
  • To offer fast-paced and rewarding work
  • To have an ever-changing environment. Every day brings something new
  • To recognise success

Our People

  • To protect people and their interests
  • Acting responsibly at work and in the community
  • To find job opportunities, every day of the week
  • To provide jobs on the door-step
  • To offer training, apprenticeships and guidance
  • To work with reputable companies

Growth & profitability

  • To operate ethical, commercial practices
  • To implement efficiency-driven cost models
  • To create profit through building long term relationships
  • To support sustainable growth
  • To deliver return for our shareholders

Employer partners

  • To fill every job with the right person, at the right time
  • To listen, understand, respond and get results
  • To do things the right way, for the right reason
  • To improve performance for our customers through our added value services
  • To get the job done